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What stories and important messages do you want to leave your loved ones and society? KC specialize in writing memoirs as short easy to read stories that educate and entertain your loved ones for years after you pass. Different formats are available, such as audio books, photo galleries with text, etc.

Do you have a small business or did you layoff too many people and now need writing services? KC provides technical and business writing services at a price you can afford. KC has 10+ years of experience with program management, technical writing, social media, and marketing and business research for various companies in the area of health software and consumer products, internet applications, a digital mall, etc.

KC provides the following services for business:​​

  • User & Quick Reference Guides

  • API & SDK Documentation

  • Online Help & Web Content

  • Marketing & Business Plans

  • SOPs and Work Instructions

  • Grants & Proposals

  • and more.

Do you have an innovative idea? KC can write a grant for you to submit to the NIH, Darpa, or other government agencies for funding. Cheryl Kelmar has written and won four Phase I and II SBIR grants from the NIH for her company MedicalWorks Inc. and other private organizations, such as the grant she won for The Plantrician Project to study the effects of a plant-based diet for cardiovascular patients at Midland Memorial Hospital in Texas and for ShapeUpUs to use their youth program. 

Content Development: Technical and Business Writing

Kelmar Santa Barbara CA Technical Writing SEO

Do you have a lawsuit, but can't afford $350+ an hour for an attorney? Save money by being informed and prepared when you meet with your attorney. Even writing out your facts in a legal format, identifying your exhibits, and learning to identify the legal actions and damages using the law library before hiring an attorney will save you $$$.


Our founder, Cheryl Kelmar, has a law degree from Concord Law School (i.e., Purdue Law School International) and can provide services for cases dealing with family law, landlord, real estate, small claims, and general legal writing. Disclosure: Cheryl may not give legal advice.

  • Legal Facts Section

  • Motions

  • Complaints

  • UD Assistance

  • Research Reports 

  • and more

Legal Writing




  • MadCap Flare

  • Master Control

  • Confluence

  • Sharepoint

  • Word & Adobe

  • Lexis 

  • JIRA/Agile

  • and more.


Content Management
Collect valuable data while educating your customers about your company. KC has experience in Documentation Control Systems, such as OnBase’s Document Imaging System, CMS, MasterControl, and more.

On Time and Within Budget

Kelmar Consulting

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